7 Key Issues


Let’s stop the commercial banks from being the creators of our money supply and thereby wrecking the economy.


Let’s stop the government from turning the NHS into a commercial operation operated by businessmen in their interest. And let’s include the care of elderly people in the provision of healthcare free at the point of need as it is supposed to be.


Let’s have British Rail back with a single system for the track and rolling stock throughout the whole nation, for passengers and freight and powered by sensibly generated electricity, with plenty of capacity in the system and fares right down.

University Tuition Fees 

Let’s not have any. Let’s get back to recognising that it is in the national interest to have a well educated workforce and population and so the cost of it should be funded by society as a whole and not dumped on the next generation to pay in fees to banks. … where else do student loans come from?

Regional Government  

The various regions of England should all have their own democratically accountable body to develop the region’s economic life. It shouldn’t be down to London and the south east to dictate the development of each region. We ought to be able to  think and decide for ourselves. And please no inaccessible elected mayors or cabinet-style local government: rather get back to having single ward councillors who are near to the people they claim to represent.

Power generation research 

Let’s generate our own electricity again and not acquiesce in have the industry handed over to businessmen many of whom turn out to be from outside. AND let’s develop our own research and development (funded and owned by our government) about how to generate the electricity that we know we are going to need without it destroying the planet.


Let’s be friends with China but not meekly keep buying everything without asking persistent questions about China’s brutality to some of its citizens especially the imprisonment of Mr Liu Zhaobo (zh is pronounced as s in leisure) the deomocracy activist, the workers in the Lao Gai network of 1000 prison factories (in administrative detention ie they have never had the chance to defend themselves in any court)  the Chinese equivalent to the Gulag (labour camps) and the practice of knowingly repatriating North Korean refugees to be shot on arrival. So why not ask high street stores that sell Chinese goods to make an appointment to discuss these issues with the Chinese Ambassador.