Hopefully off to Maidenhead re Brexit

I hope to leave shortly for Maidenhead Theresa May’s constituency to find constituents of hers to put my case that the Brexit vote is invalid because the Leave Campaign had its figures very wrong. It’s not £350m /week that we give to the EU but £161m/week which is less than 1% of government spending. The EU isn’t bleeding our national coffers dry as Leave would have you believe.

Mrs May in her recent Brexit speech promised that any future contributions to the EU would not be “vast”,  implying agreement with Boris’ £350m claim.

So I have printed leaflets (see another post for link to it) and a banner and will head off through the winter weather on my little motorbike to tackle this issue.

We are needed in Europe and should stay members of the team trying to bed down a permanent peace in Europe – a continent whose peoples have over the generations suffered ghastly inhumanities that we Brits have not been touched by in the same way. We should stay part of the movement for peace in Europe or we will regret our short memories.

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Grew up in Belfast, son of professor of surgery and a lady almoner (ie a medical social worker) assistant surgeon on an off between campaigns for release of prisoners of conscience in Soviet Union, worked for peace in Sudan and now for a new vision and purpose for national life to draw us together as a team doing a job that everybody can see is honourable and important. Live in Birmingham since 1983. Recent visits to eastern and south eastern Europe.
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