Elected Regional Government of all UK … now!

I sent this to a media contact.

For some years I have been advocating elected regional government for the regions of England as well as of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on the model of most European countries (Germany has central government relating to 17 regions, for instance, while we have central government relating 326 local authorities or more depending on how you count them! It is too many, they are too small to plan properly and they have an undignified lack of power).

Such regional government in my view should be of regions co-terminous with the EU constituencies, should have power to retain a considerable proportion of the region’s earnings and have power to spend other funds created by public authority (The Bank of England rather than the commercial banks who should not be allowed to create money) for the development of the life and economy of its respective region.

LEPs are very strange entities with bizarre boundaries, little funding, and dominated by business (with funding coming from investors wanting to make money out of the region).

The talked-about development of mega cities is not the answer since that would polarise rural communities and small urban centres against the cities to a greater degree even than at present. I often hear of the bad blood between Birmingham and its neighbours.

This is the time for such a move. It is healthy and represents a more trusting companionable team relationship between Central Government and the parts of our United Kingdom.

It would be great if you could let me articulate this message on air.

Many thanks

Dick Rodgers Rev Dr

Common Good party




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