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  • We believe Britain needs a unifying national sense of purpose – namely to work to make the world a better place and to model the kind of healthy, kindly society that is in keeping with such a purpose.

  • I hoped to stand in Chesham and Amersham 2021 by-election for the Common Good party in order to spread a vision for how we should live and work as a nation. It didn’t work out on that occasion but our message is still that here is a lot of stuff to be done in the world. If we Brits came to really care about making the world a better place, then almost as a by-product we’d become a happy, purposeful, energized nation with team spirit, doing stuff we believe in. What a lovely society to grow up in!

  • Please click here to see my April 2021 leaflet that I distributed in the Chesham and Amersham constituency to ‘test the waters’ there.


Peterborough’s beautiful medieval cathedral where I stood in 2019

Main Square Peterborough

I stood in the Peterborough By-Election of June 2019 saying we should stay in the EU and met Nigel Farage albeit briefly. I still think the European Union is a tremendous peace project which has turned Europe from postwar devastation in 1945 to today’s democratic and increasingly fair society. I would have liked us to stay in the EU and still hope we will rejoin soon.

Please see my 2019 leaflet for Peterborough here.

Here’s my Peterborough Banner

In this present 2021 by election in Chesham and Amersham – Help with reaching out to people and with the costs (basically £500 deposit, £600 for a leaflet and £200 miscellaneous expenses) would be much appreciated. If interested please email me on dick@rodgers.org.uk    I’d need to demonstrate to the Electoral Commission that you are on an electoral roll in the UK ie I need your address. Any kind contribution to the costs of standing needs to be in the form of a cheque to Common Good send by post to me Rev Dr Dick Rodgers 63 Meadow Brook Birmingham B31 1ND. Thank you so much!
This would be, I think my 13th election!


 See my 2019 leaflet given out in New Street Birmingham

 See my recent banner used in Birmingham




I stood (see the picture below) also in 2017 in Edgbaston Birmingham in the General Election for staying in the EU in the constituency that had been represented by Gisela Stewart the prominent “Leave” campaigner.

Apologies that much of the rest of the website needs substantial updating. I’ll get round to it!

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I describe my worldview more fully in   About us

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