Taking Action

This bit is now out of date. Will update soon May 2014

If you’d like to be a candidate for the Common Good in the European Election West Midlands May 2014 please complete this survey.

Or if you can’t get past the password box (!) contact me direct.

If you can’t open the Survey Monkey site then here is the introduction which any candidate needs to read, please.
Thank you for considering becoming a candidate for the Common Good party at the forthcoming European election in the West Midlands region which includes Staffordshire, Shropshire,Worcestershire,Herefordshire and Warwickshire. You have to be a British or European citizen but don’t have to live in the above area. You need one witness to countersign your signature. If I can raise the deposit of £5000 by 24th April (the nomination deadline) that allows me to field a list of seven candidates and I would be most grateful if you would take the test if you think you might be prepared to do this. At the least, your obligations would be the signing and submitting of two forms: 1. a consent to nomination before (hopefully pretty well before, since I need the hard copy in my hand) 24th April and 2. within 50 days of the election result, you’d be responsible to send by post to the Regional Returning Officer at Elections Office, Council House, Birmingham. B1 1BB a declaration of your total expenses (which might well be nil). I can fill you in with the details in due course, my source being http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/. If you wanted to be more active you could be.
If you are up for this, please proceed!

Otherwise, for people who’d like to help but not be candidates…. The help I ask for is most importantly spreading the word about what I’m up to (having understood a bit of it) and enthusing with friends. I need more minds and more skills on the job and am on the look out for people who are good at organising things, educating me about IT issues, thinking about political issues, researching issues and what to do about them and generally being a co-worker. It that’s you please contact me.

And then outside election times, campaigning about issues of concern involves:
Writing to your MP or going to see him or her are good moves. Ask them to take matters up with the relevant minister.

Beyond that if you still have to energy is to collect a petition on the specific issue of concern and presenting it to the MP.

If more  is needed get a group together and go to see the MP together or hold a public meeting.

Anything else needs to abide by the law and not be rude or hurt anybody or any property.

But it is OK in a democracy to try by fair and legal means to persuade elected representatives to do the right thing.