People trafficking

Trafficking of people because of their perceived or real need to flee a place of danger due to persecution crime or war. People often pay vast fees to “agents” who arrange unlawful transport for people across borders often into lands such as the UK. Sometimes these fees are reckoned to still be a debt that has to be repaid by work in theis country leaving the new arrival as a virtual slave.

Sex trafficking across borders is a horror and seems to develop if there is poverty in the land of origin either from war or some other factor.

Labour gang trafficking.

I realise these are big issues that I haven’t yet understood enough but can see they are grievous issues causing much suffering, thriving on poverty and ignorance and fear.

All of they need police work and need us to get out there and use our influence to make the world a better place so that people will be quite happy where they are and not need to leave home in distress and vulnerably.