10. Israel Palestine

Israel is entitled to exist. This was decided properly at the United Nations in and around 1947. We complain about actions not sanctioned by the UN but this one was so sanctioned.

People suffer on both isdes of the Israeli/Palestinian divide and both deserve human sympathy.

Hamas should accept the existence of the Israeli state and live with it and Israel should then reciprocate.

These people have got to live together. A two state solution seems to be the sensible way forward but it should be done in peace and without threat. Israel should stop provocatively building settlements on West Bank land.

Hezbollah, Syria and Iran should stop disturbing the situation.

Egypt and Turkey used to be an influence for peace. Egypt’s stance has become much less supportive since the Arab Spring and the rise of parties supported by the Muslim Brothers. That may prove to be a problem. Turkey has become less friendly since a ship from Turkey tried to run a naval blockade and was boarded with violence by Israeli forces.

Iranian threats to “wipe Israel off the map” should not be made and any nuclear weapons programme must be stopped even though this is a big challenge to the international community. Russia needs to be won over to a more constructive and reliable support for a peaceful future for Israel without the threat of Iranian attack.

In conclusion, we are and should remain friends of Israel (even at some cost) and should seek to be friends of the Palestinians also and to encourage them to stop their leaders’ aggressive stance. If it really does come to a show-down with Iran we have to resist Iran along with other nations of the international community and come to Israel’s aid, even though it would be a very serious undertaking.