1. Latin America

Latin America (LA) including South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

I confess I have not visited this important region although I would like to and would like to learn more Spanish.

Without being certain of this opinion, I suspect that the developed world including us in Europe have generally not treated the people of LA fairly and have taken advantage on them. The Conquistadores extracted a lot of gold. More recent dealings in the 19th and 20th centuries saw trade conducted with the region in ways that have put local people at a disadvantage.

If there’s truth in this then we should seek to put the record straight by being honest friends, colleagues and trading partners with them.

Pictures of LA in my mind include drug violence in Mexico and Colombia, street children in Brazil and burgeoning economic growth there with the fruits being enjoyed only by some. I think of Hugo Chavez Venezuela’s president presented as an eccentric tyrant by some whose allegiance I am not sure of. Is he thus or is it just that people with vested interests don’t like what he does? I don’t yet know. The Caribbean has been the scene of our shameful slave trade based in Bristol and other British cities and the Caribbean’s British Sovereign Territories are said to shelter multi-national companies with their confidential taxation arrangements which many seem to think aid injustices.

And then there are dictators in the recent past that, it seems, world powers turned a blind eye to for their own reasons.

LA needs fair trade, honest friends and some challenges over human rights. If you know about or care about Latin America I would be glad to have your insights and a “jobs to do” list!! and maybe your help to get the jobs done!