I planned to stand in the European Election in the West Midlands on Thursday 22nd May 2014but withdrew for inadequate financial support. The deposit was £5000. I am proceeding  stand in Newark by-election and plan to pursue my efforts to get the country’s mony created by public authority – is the Bank of England. That will require some modest funding travel and printing of leaflets etc

If you are kindly considering contributing (whether or not you can also apply to stand) then you’d need to send a cheque in the post made out to “The Common Good party” and sent to me Rev Dr Richard Rodgers at 63 Meadow Brook Road Birmingham B31 1ND. We can’t yet accept donations electronically. If your donation is (kindly) over £500, then I need to know your full name and address and that you are on an electoral roll somewhere in the UK and preferably the local authority area that that roll applies to, since I have to verify your enrolment.

I am on 0121 476 0789 if you want to discuss it.

Thank you. Dick Rodgers