7. Transport

Transport includes trains, roads, shipping, air.

Birmingham Potholes in readiness for meeting between me and the PFI contractor 21st May 2013

Video on re-nationalising the railway as a single organisation. 6:36 mins is on the “trains” sub page. click
The Video on this page is on roads, ports and airports.

We need to develop our road infrastructure. Getting goods and other commercial traffic to its destination on time is often a problem on our congested road system. I have done a separate video on trains which I think should be nationalised and greatly developed. This would take some strain off the roads.

The Dept for Transport has a detailed list of jobs to undo bottle necks and we should get on with these creating the money to do so at the Bank of England if necessary.

“No” to road pricing by tolls or over head gantries or by a satellite locator in your car. ..thanks. We may lose a bit to foreign users of our roads but having access for road tax-paying citizens and firms to our road network is a national freedom that we should guard jealously.

We should develop our ports and not sell the Trust Ports such as Dover, Tyne, Milford Haven and Harwich. They should remain in public ownerhsip but the government should invest in port equipment that they need and which we will be able to afford once we have put the banks right and got our exports going.

Airports and Air Traffic Control should meet our export infrastructure needs. Details insights you may have that I haven’t learned of yet, I would appreciate.



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A little light relief: here’s a brief holiday clip from a train near Lake Constance, Switzerland.