17. Ecology

Global warming, management of earth’s resources.

Separate video on the government ownership of power generation research and the actual generation of electricity.

Global warming/ greenhouse gases. We’ve got to take it seriously. If we do something to correct the situation and it turns out that it wasn’t necessary it will have cost us something. If we don’t take it seriously and we find out that we should have, it costs us everything!!

We, as a nation, know we are going to have to generate a lot of electricity soon and for a long time to come. We can see it coming. We can see the need is going to be big. So I think that if we were a sensible society we would get together to do it ourselves in-house instead of asking foreign companies to do it for us for every and send us the bill.

So in other words I think we should go back to the pre-Thatcher way of doing things of having the government generate our electricity – which I suspect is against EU Rules. 

See a separate sub page on this topic. (click here)

 Earth’s resources. I want to come to a better understanding of how we handle the earth’s resources which are not just oil and gas, of course, but include iron ore, bauxite, molybdenum, chromium, etc etc and then rare earth elements, food and fertile agricultural land, water.

We need to remove the bank induced growth imperative by prohibit commercial banks from being our exclusive source of money supply at interest which we have to grow to repay.

Corrupt resource extraction deals. … And we need to have a fairer means of deciding how much locals are paid for the riches extracted from under their feet. At present rich companies with clever lawyers may be able to get a better deal against sellers who have the stakes stacked against them. In undemocratic countries or countries with low educational attainment there is a risk of government ministers acquiescing with such deals after they have been bribed. I don’t know that this happens but I can see in principle that there could be a danger of such corruption.

We should use our influence in the worlds forums to minimise this risk. Good relations with courageous, alert citizens in target countries could expose and prevent instances of corruption before the deal in question is signed. BUT we’d have to be quick and well informed.