14. Europe

Making a Europe with a prosperous and fair peacetime economy is a worthwhile objective. We shouldn’t just ask what is in it for us financially in the short term.

It is most welcome that there has been an alternative political entity that our eastern neigbours could join instead of remaining under Russian domination within Comecon.

Being part of a team will always involve loss of sovereignty which some would see as shared sovereignty.

HOWEVER the present EU is set up with certain unsatisfactory philosophies undergirding it.

Central banks of EU nations, even those outside the Eurozone,  are not allowed to create money and give it to their national government which is what I would like to see happen. This makes bankers and privatised utilities supreme and this is wrong and needs to be changed.

I want Europe and its people to succeed in creating and maintaining a fair and prosperous society and political unit which is a good neighbour in the world and able to exert a coherent influence. I also want the EU to recognise a basis for our societal ethics and I would advocate Christianity as such a basis. Some things militate against this being the case, so we should exert a strong influence within Europe and should get to know these colleagues and neighbours of ours and change the system from the inside. BUT if we are unsuccessful in that endeavour a time may come to leave.

So the EU is on approval but any withdrawal should come only after failure of diligent persuasion from inside the Union and with friendly subsequent relations with these people whom we should continue to respect and to try to work with.