13. Farms

4:04 minute video on farms, fisheries, rural affairs and supermarkets.

Food security. We need a more secure domestic food supply without depending on imports, insecure sea lanes, volatile markets and environmentally costly transport.

Why are many dairy farmers going out of business? I want to get to the bottom of where justice lies in this issue.

Is the Common Agricultural Policy wise? It makes agriculture very dependent on insecure and sometimes poorly administered  subsidy which may make global prices higher than necessary.

Is too much land idle?

Are hill farmers being asked to pay too much in regulatory and other monetary costs for people much of whose arduous life is  lived outside the money economy?

Badgers? What is to be done? I need to understand whether they should be vacinated or culled or whether our farmers should live with a proportion of their herd being lost to TB.

Fish. How are we to nurture stocks back to healthy levels and see fairness and wisdom in the  regulation of fishing.

Are larger supermarkets really abusing their position? We use them a lot but small businesses small towns and villages may suffer to the detriment of society there as a whole. Where lies justice and true prosperity.

Rural life. We need more affordable homes especially for young people in the country, and faster broadband and a more business-friendly countryside as exists in continental Europe. We need more work and more jobs and more buses and other facilities in rural areas.

I suspect that more of the proceeds of rural economy need to be made able to benefit the local community by the rules for business rates and the like.