Domestic Issues


Birmingham City Council election

Finding your way around.

The 20 issues of importance to our life here in the UK which are listed in the right margin of each page are based on the sections of a big scrapbook of press cuttings which I have compiled over the years. Most things that have fired my interest, and my desire to do something in response, fall into these categories.

With regard to some of these issues I can see something that can be done to correct them fairly directly; mostly by persuading MPs to act or competing with them at the next election if they won’t act). Other issues can only be put right by a change in the feel/ ethos/ atmosphere/ tone  of our society as a whole: things like crime, education, debt and big benefit costs; but my vision of a purposeful nation happily united to achieve a noble goal gets to the bottom of those problems that get us down today.

I wanted a snappy single word title for each topic. Some are clear like health or defence, transport or education. Others take a bit of explanation, such as “mayors” by which I mean local government. In that I include community relations across ethnic and religious divides, urban regeneration and styles of local government (committees, cabinets and elected mayors). “Ecology” isn’t just global warming but also mining and fair use and sharing of the earth’s natural resources … and so on.  Some “pages” have “sub pages” under them, such as Health has elderly care as a sub-page. Hope you can figure it out!

Domestic issues are listed down the right page margin. Below them are the 19 regions of the world and 6 global issues that I have been following and trying to act on. You might think this is a lot but, actually, I’m only nibbling at it. There’s loads of stuff that ought to be here that isn’t … yet.

I’m looking for people who will, proverbially, roll up their sleeves and get down to work on these issues. I’d love to hear from you.