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Labour Fringe

On Tuesday I attended a meeting led by Prof Prem Sikka to launch the book Fighting Corporate Abuse “Fighting Corporate Abuse”. He wrote it with a “collective” of other authors who don’t put their names to the individual chapters because … Continue reading

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Scotland stays. Now for Elected Regional Government of all UK

I was the only Englishman in evidence on Princes Street Edinburgh on Tuesday with my placard saying “Don’t Go!” I’m really glad they didn’t! Now the English want independence apparently… My answer is elected regional government like they have in … Continue reading

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Progress in Scotland

Better day today and Edinburgh has come to life! Lots of positive comments to my urging Scots to stick with the union especially for what we can achieve in world affairs if we stay together and work together. Lots of … Continue reading

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EDINBURGH. I’ve. got to Edinburgh and given out a few leaflets. Most Scots who stop seem supportive. Bit of a washout today and too tired after night coach journey. I’ll have another go tomorrow. We need the Scots for our … Continue reading

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Scottish Referendum

I am off to Scotland on the overnight coach on Sunday for Monday and Tuesday on the streets of Edinburgh to put the Referendum issue to them in a way they may not have considered before. Here’s my placard for … Continue reading

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