Hopefully off to Maidenhead re Brexit

I hope to leave shortly for Maidenhead Theresa May’s constituency to find constituents of hers to put my case that the Brexit vote is invalid because the Leave Campaign had its figures very wrong. It’s not £350m /week that we give to the EU but £161m/week which is less than 1% of government spending. The EU isn’t bleeding our national coffers dry as Leave would have you believe.

Mrs May in her recent Brexit speech promised that any future contributions to the EU would not be “vast”,  implying agreement with Boris’ £350m claim.

So I have printed leaflets (see another post for link to it) and a banner and will head off through the winter weather on my little motorbike to tackle this issue.

We are needed in Europe and should stay members of the team trying to bed down a permanent peace in Europe – a continent whose peoples have over the generations suffered ghastly inhumanities that we Brits have not been touched by in the same way. We should stay part of the movement for peace in Europe or we will regret our short memories.

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Anti-Brexit Campaigning in Maidenhead Theresa May’s own constituency

Hi! I have started campaigning to find constituents of Prime Minister Theresa May in Maidenhead who will raise with her the view that the untruths of the Leave Campaign may have influenced the electorate. Specifically the prominent claim on the side of the Leave Battlebus that we pay £350 million to the EU each week was seriously wrong. That is at least double the correct figure and in fact our contributions to the EU are less than 1% of government expenditure and thus almost inconsequential, and we get a great deal for it, namely a peaceful prosperous continent after generations of war that the EU was conceived to put an end to. I reckon Leave misled voters and that that should be seen to invalidate the result of the vote.

My leaflet for Maidenhead

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I spent my share of the £1.2bn today! Christmas shopping £1.2 bn in a day!

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reading re chechnya .. here’s my new thought.

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Hong Kong protests

The young people demonstrating for a thoroughly democratic election there in 2017 have been at it for many weeks now. I am glad to hear that the Foreign Affairs committee MPs have tried to visit but sad that the Chinese government have told them that they aren’t welcome. We are customers of the Chinese and should not let this endeavour go by merely as spectators.

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