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Grew up in Belfast, son of professor of surgery and a lady almoner (ie a medical social worker) assistant surgeon on an off between campaigns for release of prisoners of conscience in Soviet Union, worked for peace in Sudan and now for a new vision and purpose for national life to draw us together as a team doing a job that everybody can see is honourable and important. Live in Birmingham since 1983. Recent visits to eastern and south eastern Europe.

Liu Xiaobo Chinese democracy activist and Nobel Laureate dies

So sad to read that Liu Xiaobo has died – a courageous advocate of democratic freedoms in China who was always in and out of prison for his work.

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Elderly care should be under the NHS

The organisation and funding of elderly care has got missed out of the NHS. Bevan’s key idea was that we should share the risks of ill health. We are family. If you get ill we will club together and make … Continue reading

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Regional Government is timely

In the West Midlands we now have a Metro Mayor and he’s a good chap. We ought, though, to have elected regional government of all the various regions of England as well as on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I … Continue reading

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Chinese dissident terminally ill.

I am so sorry to hear from the BBC that Liu Xiaobo Chinese Nobel Laureate dissident and demcracy activist and long serving prisoner is ill with cancer.

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Industrial Strategy

I am mugging up on how the government can really nurture British Industry in the nation and specially in the various regions.

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