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Grew up in Belfast, son of professor of surgery and a lady almoner (ie a medical social worker) assistant surgeon on an off between campaigns for release of prisoners of conscience in Soviet Union, worked for peace in Sudan and now for a new vision and purpose for national life to draw us together as a team doing a job that everybody can see is honourable and important. Live in Birmingham since 1983. Recent visits to eastern and south eastern Europe.

The Brexit Permanent Secretary isn’t so permanent!

I notice that the civil servant who is the Permanent Secretary to the Department for Brexit Oliver Robbins isn’t quite so permanent any more. He’s moved!

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Just off to Birmingham city centre to collect a petition to stay in the EU

I have a big 8 foot by 5 foot EU flag which I hope to display and a petition on sheets of A4 which says to Mrs May “We’d like to remain in the EU , please.” So I hope … Continue reading

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I’m reading about the Brexit campaign.

I’m mulling over the state of play so far concerning Brexit. Not enough emphasis was put on the wholesomeness of Europe living together in peace after such a long history of war and tyranny. I want to draw out the … Continue reading

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Bins resolved

Glad to see that the bins situation is settling down in Brum.

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Bins in Birmingham

Looks like I’d better find out the issues underlying the Birmingham bin strike. Sounds as if it will last till the autumn!

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