My toaster’s going to Towcester

I hope to go soon to Towcester, Brackley and the southern part of Northampton in the constituency of Andrea Leadsom MP Financial Secretary to the Treasury who responded for the government to the debate on 20th Nov about who should create the nation’s money – the banks or us. Basically, she refused as was anticipated. I would love to see a group of locals arise that will get their heads around this vital subject and work incessantly for a change of our monetary system to a fair arrangement in which the nation’s money is created by the nation as a national asset not created by the banks as an asset of the banks and a debt by the nation to them. and here is a draft of the leaflet that I hope to bring by way of explanation.

I’m taking my toaster to Towcester to explain monetary theory to it on video in the time it takes to toast a piece of toast. ie 2 mins 40 secs. I hope it understands.

Help sort the banks outtoaster

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