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  • Collecting my new banner today 7th Oct 2019

    There is a lot of stuff to be done in the world. If we Brits came to really care about making the world a better place, then almost as a by-product we’d become a happy, purposeful, energized nation with team spirit, doing stuff we believe in. What a lovely society to grow up in!


The 12th December 2019 General Election has clinched Brexit and that is a sadness to us. We would have much preferred to remain part of the team making Europe a good place to live and work. However, it still remains true that there’s a lot of stuff to do to make the world a better place for all and that our nation is likely to find a new purpose and direction and unity and motivation if we can take that to heart and make such a vision the inspiration for our national life and work with it.

My October 2019 banner nearly ready to go!!

I now (October 2019) plan to bring a positive, healing message to our fractured country extolling the virtues of the EU which has made Europe so much more a friendly cooperative place than in, say, 1945 before the movement started that led to the EU. I hope to pop up in various interesting, significant places around the country in the days before the 31st October deadline that Mr Johnson is so attached to. I hope to have a consistently courteous style whatever people say to me.

Here is my October 2019 Leaflet

And here is the excellent, stirring speech in Spanish with English subtitles saying what the EU is all about. Great stuff! … at the European Parliament by the Spanish MEP Estepan Gonzalez Pons former Senator for Valencia.

Peterborough’s beautiful medieval cathedral

Main Square Peterborough

I did stand in the Peterborough By-Election of 6th June. Why stand? Because I see the European Union as a tremendous peace project which has turned Europe from postwar devastation in 1945 to today’s democratic and increasingly fair society.

Peterborough voted 61% to leave the EU. I wanted to understand why and to listen courteous and sincerely. I really believe in the importance of the peacemaking European “Project” and the huge benefit it has been to the people of Europe generally and to us in the UK in particular and I ask for a People’s Vote Referendum on EU membership.

Please see my leaflet for Peterborough here.

Here’s my Peterborough Banner

Help with reaching out to people and with the cost would be much appreciated. If interested please email me on dick@rodgers.org.uk    I’d need to demonstrate to the Electoral Commission that you are on an electoral roll in the UK ie I need your address. And it needs to be in the form of a cheque to Common Good send by post to me Rev Dr Dick Rodgers 63 Meadow Brook Birmingham B31 1ND.

Today 23rd May is European voting day. I am an official candidate in Peterborough By-election and my 56,000 leaflets have now apparently hit the doormats! Back to Peterborough today for my seventh trip. Going well. I am prominent in the main square of the city and lots of people take leaflets and talk – some to leave some to remain. Done some radio and one Belgian newspaper interview! and one second on TV!!  I say:

1. The nation needs a unifying purpose and it should be to make the world and our nation a better place to live for all.

2. That’s better done in the team that is the EU.









The tree is for the wonderful bit from the last chapter of the Bible “The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations!”. And our nation and lots of others need healing. Let’s get stuck in to the job! I’ve got a better pump now so the branches should stick out more healthily!

Very many thanks.

I’ve been active in the streets of late. …

 See my recent leaflet given out in New Street Birmingham

 See my recent banner used in Birmingham




I stood (see the picture below) also in 2017 in Edgbaston Birmingham in the General Election for staying in the EU in the constituency that had been represented by Gisela Stewart the prominent “Leave” campaigner.

Apologies that much of the rest of the website needs substantial updating. I’ll get round to it!

Dick Rodgers              dick@rodgers.org.uk



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