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I’m standing in Allens Cross ward Birmingham. A good start with friendly neighbours on the summery day 14th April! 

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Here is 2017 in Edgbaston Birmingham General Election.

I think we should stay in the European Union because it is good project creating peace and prosperity for everyone to settle down in across Europe – a continent riven by strife and plagued by tyranny for centuries and mercifully free of such horrors since the founding of the Union.

Theresa May is very determined that Brexit is Brexit and that the democratic will of the people needs to be carried out. I would say that the public were misled in many ways, in part by the Leave Campaign’s untrue claim that we send £350m a week to Brussels but also by the feebleness of the Remain Campaign which hardly dwelt at all on the chief purpose of the EU and that is peace and neighbourliness in Europe.

Also we need a new spirit in Britain. We need a unifying sense of national purpose. At present we are aimless as a society. It’s each for himself. There is no inspiring vision for our national life.

During the Second World War the nation rallied to a national purpose. We became a team on a job – winning the war, securing national survival and peace. We worked together. People made great sacrifices for the common good.

It don’t want another war but I do think that if our nation is to succeed we need to see what it is that we are trying to achieve. There’s lots of stuff that needs doing in the world and we have withdrawn into ourselves and drawn in our horizons … and the world is the poorer for our abdication of our responsibilities in world affairs.

We should be a leading influential nation in the world seeking to bring healing and win-win solutions to global international problems.

The we will be a purposeful nation doing a job everyone can believe in and it will heal many things about our own nation that we currently struggle to make work. We will be a united, animated, energetic humble nation doing things the world needs.

Something like this has got to be right. We need a purpose that will bring us all together – people of different abilities, different ethnic origin and religious belief.

This is the vision of an energised, purposeful, attractive society that I want to win the country to. I’ve been trying for some years and I think this election is a great opportunity to spread this vision in the nation.

I’d love to have your freindship and support and teamwork in doing this. Please do get in touch… perhaps best by email.

Here’s the leaflet that Royal Mail are distributing for me to all 48,200 front doors paid for by you the tax payer. So thanks very much.

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I campaigned a little in Theresa May’s Maidenhead Constituency saying the “£350m a week to Brussels claim” was misleading. It now turns out that it wasn’t that far off from the sum we should have been paying if we’d been doing our whack with the worthwhile costs of renovating post-Soviet Eastern Europe as we had agreed. Go and see for yourself that the Baltic Nations and Poland have really used that help to do a lot of good. They are recovering well from the oppression of Warsaw Pact days.

December 2016: Mourning the divorce from Europe.

I worked hard in Birmingham to put the case for remaining in the EU but, of course, the nation voted to leave. I am disappointed particularly at the prominent statement on the Leave campaign battle bus that we send the EU (or on leaflets ..  the EU takes) £350 million a week. It seems that a more accurate figure would be much less at £136 million a week after allowing for the rebate, regional aid, farm subsidies and scientific research funding. That’s not much compared to our total government expenditure £753 billion a year ie £13 billion (£13,000 million) a week ie 1%. Also the use of a photograph of crowds of migrants was emotive in an unhealthy way. I am exploring ways of revising the decision. I don’t want our political establishment to acquiesce with a result that relied on an untruth.

I fear the possible precedent we may set for lots of other nations to leave the EU and for Europe to degenerate into a collection of self-interested states set against each other.


EU referendum leaflet


I’m Dick Rodgers. I founded the Common Good party in the UK in 2004 with two friends. We want our nation to be a happy one where we get on well together, care about each other and work happily together as a team doing important stuff to make our own national life a success and to be a good influence in the world.

We are needed in the world. We could be a really good influence if we put our collective mind to it. It shouldn’t all be up to the Americans, or the Chinese, or Islamists or to western-style corporations. The world needs us to set an example in our own home life about how to run a really good country, so that others can follow our lead if they think we are more or less getting it right.

It’s a troubled world out there. That’s why so many people want to come here. The world is suffering because we retreated into ourselves (as a nation) in our exhaustion after World War II.

It is good that the major British political parties are committed to raise to 0.7% the percentage of our national income that we devote to overseas aid.

However, there is more to do to make the world a better place. The job involves politics, diplomacy, economics and using our voice in the world’s forums.

Since World War II we’ve retreated into ourselves as a nation and lost confidence. We have let our horizons draw in. The world is poorer for lack of our influence.

But we are in a difficult situation from which to expand our interests. We are in debt. Our economy is insecure. We lack a sense of national purpose.We don’t feel ourselves to be a team committed to a great endeavour.  As a result, the successful amongst us seek mainly their own advancement rather than wanting to devote their lives to the “Common Good” ie the good of our society and world society as a whole rather than one’s own personal advancement and that of one’s close family. We have become bogged down in social problems with big economic and human costs that sap our strength and happiness.

We need a purpose as a nation. That purpose should be to understand the world, its affairs and its people and to promote good, fair relationships in the world.

It sounds obvious. Many would say that that is what we are doing anyway. To some extent they are right but we are muddled about it and we will need to have a clearer philosophical basis for our shared life and clearer aims if we are to inspire our young people and those on the fringes of our society to follow our example and make something of lasting worth out of our shared life and work.

There is a big interesting world out there and there are many ways in which we can gain the insights we need in order to know what we should be doing in it and how to stand for what is good.

This website covers lots of issues … indeed almost all the issues that matter to human society. You could legitimately say that to get anywhere I need to limit my interests to a small number of objectives. I am reluctant to do so. All these things matter and all are transformed by looking at them with this refreshed vision.

So I would be very grateful if you could find time to ponder the issues I touch on and see whether you may be able to contribute your wisdom, time and effort to some aspect of this endeavour. For instance, you may know about one or more of the domestic topics or some country or global issue where there are justice issues to be addressed.  Could you guide me about what is right to stand for in each, even if your opinion differs from the one I express? You may represent some expert body or some action group on an issue.  Even if you are no expert there may be some issue or some country that you would be prepared to learn about and to take action over. I will be glad to hear from you.

Kind regards.

Dick Rodgers    



I describe my worldview more fully in   About us