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There’s a lot of stuff to be done in the world. If we – the people of the United Kingdom – came to really care about making the world a better place, then almost as a by-product we’ll become a happier, more purposeful, more energized, society with team spirit, doing stuff we believe in.

It will unite our country as a team about an honourable important purpose. It will do us a power of good.

We also want to do this together with our friends and colleagues in Europe.

I, Dick Rodgers, hope to win enough people to the idea of staying in the EU and doing our bit within it, to actually win the day for staying in. I’m writing this on January 5th. Parliament returns next week and votes the week after.

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And I think this is best done together with our friends and colleagues in the European Union as part of the team bedding down an enduring peace in Europe – a continent that was riven by horrors until the EU was thought of as an antidote to the continent tearing itself apart, terribly destructively about once a generation for the last hundreds of years.

On 16th May 2018 I went to Lewisham in south London to work out whether to stand in the by-election there, eventually deciding not to …. mind you, people supported me on the doorsteps. I’d never been there politically but came back from a day there with enough locals having signed my nomination paper and someone kindly having offered me the use of their address as an office! But the local pro EU people are active and it is a pro EU place and it didn’t seem right to get into a campaign there.

 My message in the recent Birmingham City Council elections!

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I stood (see the picture below) also in 2017 in Edgbaston Birmingham in the General Election for staying in the EU in the constituency that had been represented by Gisela Stewart the prominent “Leave” campaigner.


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