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There is a lot of stuff to be done in the world. If we Brits came to really care about making the world a better place, then almost as a by-product we’d become a happy, purposeful, energized, society with team spirit, doing stuff we believe in. What a lovely nation to grow up in! 

I’m Dick Rodgers. I hope to stand in the European election on 23rd May in the West Midlands – if (and it’s a big IF) I come across enough generous people to help fund at least the £5,000 for the deposit by the very near date of next Thursday 25th April! Of course money for a leaflet (£9,000) and some banners and IT stuff would also come in handy. I stood in 2004 when total costs came to about £15,000.

Why stand? Because I’m a Euro-keenie.

I want to represent my country to Europe and Europe to my country; and because I really believe in the importance of the peacemaking European “Project” and the huge benefit it has been to the people of Europe generally and to us in the UK in particular. I want to be a human face that people can get to know and think “that’s what Europe means to me”. …. and hopefully then to vote to stay when it comes to a People’s Vote Referendum on EU membership.

I can see a whole lot of crucial things that can be achieved by being an MEP including in the Foreign Affairs and Monetary Policy Committees and in helping to bed down a happier peace in Northern Ireland. AND I want the UK represented by people who actually want to be there, to make friends and to get stuff done.

Please help with the funds if you can. Any cheques by post to me Rev Dr Dick Rodgers 63 Meadow Brook Road Birmingham B31 1ND and made out to Common Good. Also it would be great to have a team on the streets of the wider West Midlands including Wolverhampton, the Black Country, Stoke, Shrewsbury, Hereford, Coventry, Leamington/Warwick, Rugby and Burton. AND people who are good at social media.

If you can give something, great! and thank you very much. I’d need to know that you are a bona fide voter verifiably on an electoral roll somewhere in the UK (ie I need your proper name and address) or a British company or trust. Also, if I get the deposit back by getting elected or exceeding 2.5% of the vote then I need to know whether you want the money back or would be happy to have us put it to the objects of the party. Also if I don’t get as much as £5,000 by the deadline do you want it back or can I use it for the party’s work?

Very many thanks.

I’ve been active in the streets of late. …

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I stood (see the picture below) also in 2017 in Edgbaston Birmingham in the General Election for staying in the EU in the constituency that had been represented by Gisela Stewart the prominent “Leave” campaigner.

Apologies that much of the rest of the website needs substantial updating. I’ll get round to it!

Dick Rodgers              dick@rodgers.org.uk



I describe my worldview more fully in   About us